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Flexible signature solutions

Taktikal offers flexible solutions that enable a streamlined customer experience for signature gathering in a simple SMS or as a self-service integrated with websites and apps.

Smart forms
Smart forms
Fill & Sign
Fill & Sign
Drop & Sign
Drop & Sign
Smart Forms

Custom integrated processes for apps and websites

Smart Forms is the most adaptable solution in Taktikal's product range. The solution can be adapted to the appearance and internal processes of companies and can be integrated in apps and websites.


How does Smart Forms work

Smart Forms is a flexible product that is customised to your brand and interface, as well as leading the user in collecting the right data at the right time. Smart Forms supports API connections to major business solutions and databases. Smart Forms thus supports automation in internal processes.

Documents and screens for signature gathering are rendered in both HTLM and PDF in real time, which means great flexibility in showing live data and connecting to databases and checklists for contracts and documents.

1. The customer provides necessary information

Customer goes through the process, e.g. to apply for a new service, and provides necessary information

2. Information is gathered in a document ready for signature

The information is gathered in a HTML form (screen) where the customer confirms and starts the signature process.

3. Recipient signs digitally

Recipient signs digitally and the document is sent to your CRM.


Included in the product

Authentication with Electronic Id

Users authenticate with electronic IDs on their phone.

file system
Connects to your CRM

Connections to Sharepoint, Dokobit portal and other CRM systems for safe keeping of documents.

Verified timestamp

All documents are verified upon signature. Further information about the signature can be found within the document.


Customers can send additional attachments with digitally signed documents.

Strong digital signature

Taktikal only uses fully qualified signatures that meet the highest safety requirements.

Sealed document

All digitally signed documents are sealed so that the document cannot be modified without invalidating the signature

Customized layout

Customized layout tailored to your website, service website or app.

Customized messages

Customized messages that help the user through the process both in the interface and in the email.

Text messages

Text messages to get faster digital signatures from your clients.


Automatic custom emails with your company logo to notify users.

Connection to CRM system

We can help integrating to all major CRM systems.


Get statistics on all major events in the system. Including how many finish the process.

Illu - Case studyIllu - Case study
Case study

Application for FLM

FLM sought out Taktikal in need of a solution for streamlined applying for membership and completing a contract - all done digitally with a strong E-iD. The first contact with the members is always through the application process and therefore it was important to make the process streamlined, simple and secure.

FLM is a union for professionals. It's mission is to strengthen the position of members in the private sector and promote their income security.

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