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Simple and secure digital signatures

By offering digital signatures, you save both your business and your customers valuable time and expenses.

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Onboarding solutions


Taktikal offers standard KYC/AML solutions that are simple to implement. They facilitate better overview for employees of regulated parties for due diligence on measures against money laundering and terrorist funding.

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Processes of the past

Why Digital signatures?

Using Digital Signatures will eliminate old and slow paperwork processes . Customers and staff no longer need to print, scan or send the documents.

Save time

It only takes three minutes to sign digitally, but often takes several days to complete for traditional methods.


It's easy to implement the products into existing processes and interfaces for service providers and customers.

Environmentally friendly

Reduced paper consumption and transport by signing documents digitally.


We follow the strict terms of the eIDAS regulation that make the signature equal to a handwritten

Drop & sign

Simple as sending a Text

With Drop & Sign you will shorten the time taken to sign documents and contracts multiple times. That means optimisation for customers and businesses.

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Fill & Sign

Fill and sign a PDF on your website

Using Fill & Sign customers can fill and digitally sign PDF documents within your website.

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Smart Forms

Customized for your clients

Customized flow based on applications and forms of the company. The flow is linked to internal processes and document systems with secure and web services. The solution contributes to streamlining operations and a better customer experience.

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Client's testimonials

Our client's testimonials

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We love the environment
Calculated according to the shortest distance from the signatory’s domicile in each municipality. Carbon dioxide is calculated from the average vehicle mileage according to the Icelandic Motor Vehicle Association for average vehicles emissions, or 127 grams per kilometer.

Taktikal collects positive environmental statistics. Non-personally identifiable data is stored and calculates distances in Google maps as well as data on CO2 emissions from the Automobile Industry Association. The statistics can be displayed as a widget on the customer's website.

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